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The newest Straight Talk phone to be released is the LG Optimus Black, a very nice Android phone (depicted to the right) that has a lot of people considering a switch to prepaid.  The phone has a great touch screen, a very nice camera that captures HD video, and a great email user interface.  The fact that LG Optimus Black runs on the Unlimited plan doesn’t hurt this phone’s popularity.  Read more about this phone at StraightTalk.com

Nokia E71 Price Decrease

The Nokia E71 is now available at the delightful price of $49.99 on the official website.  The phone is considerably marked down from its former price.  It runs on the unlimited plan so you get all you can use text messages, web browsing time, and of course, all you can use voice.

Unlimited Plan

The one thing that is certain is that Straight Talk is popular because of its $45 unlimited plan that offers everything unlimited and is one of the most affordable prepaid plans out there. However, even than, not everyone is made for just browsing the Internet, a lot of talking or heavy texting, so, not everyone is looking for the same features in the phone. That is why the best Straight Talk phones are not those that are the most expensive or the ones with the most features available, but the ones that are the best combination between the price and with what user needs. With that in mind, the best Straight Talk phones would be the Samsung r451c, the Samsung R355C and Nokia E71.

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straight talk r451c

Samsung r451C Straight Talk Phone

For someone who likes to text a lot and is not too much into web browsing, but still likes to have access to sites like Twitter, Facebook, Gmail and more, the Samsung r451c can be voted of one of the best Straight Talk phones. This phone is available for $99.99. For that money, an attractive stylish slider phone that provides easy texting will be yours. Besides full hidden QWERTY keyboard, perfectly placed buttons easy to press also help a lot to easy texting. Also, you will have a 1.3 megapixel camera that will help you capture important moments in you life in good enough way, MP3 player, Bluetooth and other common features that this type of phone has.

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samsung r355c straight talk

Samsung R355C Straight Talk Phone

The Straight Talk Samsung R355C is quite similar to the previous phone discussed here. Again, the phone is great for texting, thanks to a full QWERTY keyboard, and it’s perfect for those who needs only a basic Internet connection without the possibility of downloading (cannot download pictures off the internet). To be honest, what is attractive in this case is the look of the phone. The phone looks a bit like a Blackberry and that can be a decision point for some users. It is bigger than the previous model and it has a 2.2′ LCD screen. It also has a 1.3-megapixel camera, a very good mp3 player with up to 16gig memory expansions, as well as 64 MB internal memory.

nokia e71 released straighttalk

The Nokia E71 Smart Phone

And certainly one of the best Straight Talk phones, if not the best, is the Nokia E71. This phone is a smart phone and is available for $199. In this phone, you get everything that the phrase “smart phone” stands for. It’s great for texting and great for web browsing. The unlimited plan for $45 gives this phone a lot of utility. If you enjoy browsing Internet, downloading a variety of applications, streaming videos, or if you want to be able to use free Internet wherever there is a wifi capability, this phone may be an option. If you want to make video calls with 3g speeds and AT&T and Verizon’s networks, then the BlackBerry-style Nokia E71 is the perfect choice for you. Take pictures with a 3.2-megapixel camera, listen to music with the MP3 player and just overall enjoy this prepaid cell phone.

The Straight Talk unlimited plan is one of the most talked about prepaid plans available today.  At $45 for unlimited talk, text, and web, you can’t go wrong with Straight Talk.  It is owned by Tracfone, which is one of the most popular prepaid companies in the country.

Get LG Optimus Black with a $20 gift certificate.  All you need to do to claim this certificate is purchase the Optimus Black on the official website (which also provides free shipping to your home).  Get started with the Unlmited prepaid plan and have an Android phone with no contract.  Black is the best Straight Talk phone available now!  Get started at StraightTalk.com

lg optimus black android straight talk phone
Samsung Proclaim and Optimus Q are two other phones available on the official site for those out there who would like an android phone paired with an excellent prepaid plan that costs $45 per month for unlimited service.

Another android phone that’s been recently released is the LG Optimus Zip — another phone that runs on the Verizon network through Straight Talk’s mvno wireless unlimited plan.  Get this phone at the official site.

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