The Samsung R355c phone is available in a bundle with the Straight Talk Unlimited plan, which is quite an interesting prepaid plan.  Giving you unlimited talk time, browsing, email, 411, and voice-guide GPS, this plan is all-intensive.  For about $85, you get this phone and the first month of unlimited service.  The phone has a basic camera (1.3 megapixels), picture messaging (for sending the pictures you take to friends and family), and the phone has Bluetooth wireless functionality, which is always a good thing.  Find more details online at, the best place to buy Straight Talk phones.

samsung r355c straight talk

If you’re looking out for deals on cell phones this holiday season, you should have a look at Straight Talk Wireless’ current deals.  One such deal is for a free cell phone.  The way it works is you pay for your talk time for one month and you get a free phone.

You would have to pay for the minutes anyway in order to use the phone, so you are pretty much just getting a free phone thrown in when you buy your minutes this month.  There were three phones initially included in this deal when it was unveiled earlier this month, but now Straight Talk has added one more phone to the mix.  It’s the Samsung R355C, which you can see an image of below.

Straight Talk Samsung R355CGet this phone for free with the current promotion at

This is a solid slider phone that will work really well with Straight Talk’s plans–you get to choose which plan you want to use.  There are two of them–one is the Unlimited plan and the other is the All You Need plan, which comes with 1,000 minutes and 1,000 text messages.  Samsung R355C is probably the best phone on this offer, which is why it came as a surprise when it was added to the free Straight Talk phone promotion at (click here to check it out!).  The deal is only available at the website and will only last until the end of December.  You can buy two phones at a time, so pick one up for you and one as a gift for a friend or family member.

One of the other phones available for free from Straight Talk is the Samsung R451C.  See an image of this phone below and click the photo for more information about this deal.  If you’re looking for a free phone from Straight Talk, you should hurry over to the site because this deal ends on December 31, 2010.

*Update (12/24/2010): The phone depicted below is no longer available with this offer either due to popularity or some other reason that the company has.  The Samsung R335C was made available recently on this offer, so have a look at that model and see what you think about it.  If you like it, you have until the end of December to get it for free.

straight talk samsung r451cYou may also be interested in reading about the new smart phones added on to the Straight Talk this month.  They are the Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71, and both are legitimate smart phones.