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LG Android with an Unlimited Prepaid Plan

Prepaid phones are really all the rage right now.  So many interesting things are going on with companies like MetroPCS, Net10, and Straight Talk.  There are two new Android phones.  LG Optimus Black is the first one and it’s a good one.  It has a very nice camera and a super bright screen, not to mention 6 home screens for storing apps you download from Android Marketplace.  Get your new Android phone online with free shipping at Straight Talk’s website.

lg optimus black android phone straight talkStraight Talk offers two good prepaid plans. The first costs $30 and will give you 1,000 minutes of talk time and 1,000 text messages in addition to 30 megabytes of data transfer for web browsing. For $30, it’s a pretty good deal and you can even get a free phone with this plan (at least for as long as the current free Straight Talk phone offer is going on for). The phones that are being offered for free change sort of frequently, but at the moment you can get two models of phone for free. Have a look at all the plans and the current phones online at The deal only works with online purchases, but don’t worry because you get free shipping.

The second Straight Talk plan is the unlimited plan. For $45 per month, you get unlimited talk time, unlimited text messages, and unlimited web browsing. You also get unlimited 411 calls and GPS. There are not that many plans out there that offer all of these services at unlimited levels. Straight Talk has several phones that might be of interest to you. One of the high end phones is the Nokia 6790, a smart phone that was recently added to the lineup. Have a look at it (and all the rest of them) at
nokia 6790 phone front viewNokia E71 is available online for only $49 for a reconditioned version of the phone.  Learn more at the official site.  Nokia 6790 is also available at the same price.  Take a look at these.

Update – The ZTE Merit Android device has been released and it’s a steal at $99 for the phone. It comes with the unlimited Straight Talk plan (just like all the other Androids on Tracfone Straight Talk service).  This is the most economically feasible Android device from this company yet.  The next most expensive one is the Samsung Galaxy Precedent at $129.

straight talk samsung t401gUpdate:  Straight Talk has updated the phones it is offering for free right now.  It is no longer offering the t401g (the phone that this post was initially written about), but not to worry!  There are three new phones being offered for free with purchase of one month of service.  They are the LG 220c, LG 420G, and Motorola w418g flip phone.

See all of these new offers at and decide whether or not you want one of these phones.

They are lower end phones, but they make sense for a lot of people, specifically those who are not looking for an android phone or a smart phone.  These phones are rather basic, but that is not a bad thing, especially if you are planning to use the $30 Straight Talk plan rather than the unlimited one.

Back to the Original Post…

You gotta love free stuff.  I mean why wouldn’t you?  But it does seem that getting something for free is becoming harder and harder.  Straight Talk, however, has four free phones out right now.  One of them is the Samsung t401g!

Another phone that’s currently free is the Motorola W418G free Straight Talk phone.  You should also have a look at the deal on the Nokia 6790 by Straight Talk.  Right now it’s only $99 for a brand new phone.  For $49, you can get a reconditioned version of this phone.

All you have to do to get your free phone is head over to StraightTalk’s website, look at the phones that are marked “GET THIS PHONE FOR FREE” and select it.  You then will be taken to the shopping cart, where you will notice that you need to select a plan on which to use your phone.  Then you will notice that the phone is free.  Make sure to see if the phone is reconditioned or not–not that it really matters one way or the other.  But some people care about this.

Straight Talk has a couple of Android phones that might interest you but they are certainly not available for free–at least now.  I like both of these phones.  They are not the most amazing Android phones in the world, but they are  certainly an improvement over most prepaid phones out there.  More on these android phones here.

See all current deals at

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straight talk lg420 phoneThere are currently three phones you can get for free from Straight Talk.  The W418G is the latest Straight Talk phone to be made available on the website for free.  It’s a super basic clamshell phone that flips open.  It almost reminds me of high school because this is the type of phone that was prevalent when I was in 12th grade.

- Also read about Straight Talk’s latest Android prepaid phone, LG Optimus Black.  It’s the most solid ST phone to come out yet and it’s available online at the official website.  Learn more here.

There’s a certain nostalgia vibe to Motorla w418g that I actually really like for this phone.  If you are looking for an extra phone or a phone for a kid or just to keep in your car for emergencies, this could be a good phone for you to choose.  Let’s also remember the fact that it’s free right now.  All you have to do is purchase the talk time to use on it.

The way you get the free Straight Talk phone is by purchasing one month of service at the time you select your phone.  No matter what in order to use any phone from this company (or from any other phone company), you need to pay for service.  That’s just how phones work.  And in this case, you just happen to get a free phone as well.  It’s a pretty good deal if you are the type of person who just loves saving money.

The LG 220C and LG 420G are both available for free as well online with the purchase of a one month unlimited or all you need prepaid plan.  Learn more about these phones at Straight Talk’s website.

Get your Free Straight Talk Phone at

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free straight talk ringtonesIt’s the Holiday season so once again you can get a free Straight Talk phone.  Straight Talk, if you haven’t heard of this company, has one of the top unlimited prepaid plans out there.  For $45 per month, customers of ST get unlimited talk, web, and text.  As longs as you don’t abuse the web usage, you will be fine.  There are some good phones that run on the Straight Talk plans.  And there are always some really good deals going on.  They literally seem to change every day.

Free Straight Talk Phones

Right now there are three free phones available (there may be a fourth depending on where you live).  They are the LG 420G, the LG 620G, and the Motorola W418G.  All are reconditioned phones.  You need to buy a month of wireless service to use the phone, but that is the only expense.

Go get your free phone at

Read about the new LG Optimus Black Android phone that’s now for sale.  It’s the best Straight Talk phone to be released yet.  Its got a lot of great features, including a beautiful 4 inch screen.  Get more details here.  You can also buy simcards now for use on other phones that are unlocked.  Learn more at the official website.  Click the link above to go there and see all the current offers and Straight Talk discount promo codes running now.  There’s more than just the free phone deal.

LG 220 Free Straight Talk Phone

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If you’re looking for a new phone, you should know that right now you can get the LG 220 phone free from Straight Talk.  The deal is only available online at  The LG 220 is not the most glamorous phone on the market, but hey it’s a free Straight Talk phone.  ST is well-known for providing affordable unlimited service plans costing only $45 a month for all you can use web, email, talk, text, and 411 calls.  It’s kind of interesting that 411 calls are free, but I think it’s pretty cool.  If you don’t need unlimited service, you can opt in to the $30/month plan which comes with 1,000 minutes of talk time and text.  You can change plans at anytime.  The Straight Talk free phone promotion won’t be going on forever, but it has been going on for a few months now.  The phones that have been offered have just changed over the past several months.  In addition to the LG 220 C, the LG 420G is also available for free currently at

lg220c straight talk phone

Current Free Straight Talk Phones

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Currently, there are two free Straight Talk phones that you can get when you pay for your first month of Straight Talk prepaid service.  You can get up to two phones at a time (I believe, unless it has been changed) so you can get one for yourself and one for someone else.  The plans that Straight Talk has cost $30 for the more basic one and $45 for the unlimited plan (which is the more popular plan).  The phones that are available for free at the moment are the LG 220C and the LG 420G.  If I was going to choose one, I would take the LG 420G.  It’s a slightly better phone.  See all details about the plans and free phones online at the official website.  These deals are online only.


LG 420G Straight Talk Phone Free Offer

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The LG 420 G phone is the latest free Straight Talk phone.  This is a solid phone that will get the job done for you.  The fact that it’s free is just the icing on the cake.  You will save money the second you snatch up this offer because you won’t have to pay for the phone when you make the purchase.  All you have to do is pay for the first month of talk time at and you get your free phone.  The LG 420G is a flip phone with a camera and bluetooth wireless functions.

lg 420 g straight talk phone

You can choose one of two Straight Talk plans when you make this purchase.  The first is the $30 plan.  This plan grants you 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 text messages, and 30 mb of web browsing (which is about 350 pages downloaded just to give you an estimate).  It’s a good plan.  But if you want even more out of this service, the Unlimited plan is a better choice.  This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, web, and 411 calls.  It’s a good deal and the service runs on Verizon’s network, which means you will get better connections across the country, no matter where you’re using your phone.

That’s the phone right there to the left.  What do you think?  Read about three of the best Straight Talk phones available.


If you’re looking out for deals on cell phones this holiday season, you should have a look at Straight Talk Wireless’ current deals.  One such deal is for a free cell phone.  The way it works is you pay for your talk time for one month and you get a free phone.

You would have to pay for the minutes anyway in order to use the phone, so you are pretty much just getting a free phone thrown in when you buy your minutes this month.  There were three phones initially included in this deal when it was unveiled earlier this month, but now Straight Talk has added one more phone to the mix.  It’s the Samsung R355C, which you can see an image of below.

Straight Talk Samsung R355CGet this phone for free with the current promotion at

This is a solid slider phone that will work really well with Straight Talk’s plans–you get to choose which plan you want to use.  There are two of them–one is the Unlimited plan and the other is the All You Need plan, which comes with 1,000 minutes and 1,000 text messages.  Samsung R355C is probably the best phone on this offer, which is why it came as a surprise when it was added to the free Straight Talk phone promotion at (click here to check it out!).  The deal is only available at the website and will only last until the end of December.  You can buy two phones at a time, so pick one up for you and one as a gift for a friend or family member.

One of the other phones available for free from Straight Talk is the Samsung R451C.  See an image of this phone below and click the photo for more information about this deal.  If you’re looking for a free phone from Straight Talk, you should hurry over to the site because this deal ends on December 31, 2010.

*Update (12/24/2010): The phone depicted below is no longer available with this offer either due to popularity or some other reason that the company has.  The Samsung R335C was made available recently on this offer, so have a look at that model and see what you think about it.  If you like it, you have until the end of December to get it for free.

straight talk samsung r451cYou may also be interested in reading about the new smart phones added on to the Straight Talk this month.  They are the Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71, and both are legitimate smart phones.