There’s a brand new prepaid Android phone out on Straight Talk.  It’s the LG Optimus Black and it’s impressive. It has a beautiful touch screen, a 6 megapixel camera, fast web browser speeds, access to the Android Marketplace, and runs on an affordable unlimited prepaid plan.  This is a serious phone and a serious plan.  See if this phone is available in your area at

lg optimus android cell phone onlineAnother new Android prepaid phone with a touch screen is the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, a phone that boasts surprisingly quick download, upload, and web browsing speeds on the 3G network provided by Verizon.  That’s right, the Proclaim runs on the Verizon network in the areas of the country where Straight Talk has teamed up with the big V.  Learn more about Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, one of the best value plays in prepaid right now, at

Updated 9/6/2011:  There is a brand new touch screen phone in town and it’s also Straight Talk’s first Android-powered cell phone.  It requires no contract (just like the other ST phones) and it does everything you expect a high performing Android 2.2 phone to do.  It is even less expensive than the other three non-android smart phones Straight Talk has in its stable.  Read a review of the Samsung Galaxy Precedent and see if it’s the right phone for you.  At $149 with no contract plus unlimited talk, text, web, 411, gps, it’s probably the best priced Straight Talk phone (for what you get) available right now.

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

You can get this phone at

A few people have asked recently if there are Straight Talk touch screen phones available with the two ST plans that a lot of people are talking about right now.  At the moment, there are no Straight Talk touch screen phones available.  Previously, the Samsung Finesse r810c, which does have a touch screen, was in the lineup and could be purchased on the website.  But that phone was phased out even though it’s a fan favorite because the model was getting quite old.  Pretty soon, we saw the Nokia E71 and Nokia 6790 phones come into play and they were selling pretty well for a few months.  Now, however, those two smart phones are no longer being sold on the website.  So at the moment–to answer those few readers question–no, there are no Straight Talk touch screen phones available.  This could, and hopefully will, change. See all the current phones available at  A couple of the Samsung Straight Talk phones are very nice.  There are some affordable options and actually at least one phone available for free.

The Samsung Galaxy Precedent is available at a pretty low price and the lowest I’ve seen it yet.  It’s only $129 and it comes with the unlimited plan.  Learn more at the official site.  Another recent development is the ST simcards that allow you use third party phones like iPhone on the unlimited Straight Talk plan.

straight talk prepaid phones

Another company that has some good phones (and Android phones to boot) is You can see all of these phones online at Net10′s website.  Did you know that you can now get the iPhone 5 from both Net10 and Straight Talk?  There are some killer deals right now at Straight Talk Wireless.  One of them is for the BlackBerry Curve for only $129 — get this deal and also check out the new android phones at

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