The Samsung t528g very often goes together with other smartphones available at Straight Talk. Even though it has some features that smartphones are known for, the Samsung t528g is not quite a smartphone. The strongest point of this phone however is that it is a touch screen phone, the only one available for this provider, at this moment.  Luckily, it is not just a pretty touchscreen phone as Finesse was. This phone offers quite a lot functionality that will please most of Straight Talk users.

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The Samsung t528g measures 4.3″ by 2.0″ by 0.5″, lies perfectly in hand and has a 3.0” touch screen that takes most of phones front. The touch screen is nice though, with sharp and colorful display, even if some features aren’t intuitive and requests some getting used to. Touch screen keyboard can be used in landscape and portrait mode and the buttons are big enough. However, the touch screen itself is made of plastic instead of glass so to scratch it is actually pretty easy. In overall, if the touchscreen is the main reason for choosing this phone, you can be satisfied.

By the way, the Samsung t528g is available for $99.99 and works with both Straight Talk plans. So if you are not the heavy internet user, you could save even more with $30 plan. If you are, better choose from other Straight Talk real smartphones and unlimited plan that they are requested with. This phone, as we mentioned, is not quite a smartphone so features are limited basically to accessing the email and instant messaging clients, social networking apps Facebook and Twitter but also this is a 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capable device as well as add-on applications feature is available.

With this last feature, you can download apps, install them and by it increase functionality of your phone. This can be a very useful but unfortunately, the choice of apps for downloading is limited. Straight Talk service will send you to Samsung’s website where you will be informed that apps for the Samsung t528g are not available in the USA yet. However, the website where you can find some free apps for downloading is with the exact link for this phone at There, you can find Google Talk 1.0, Samsung Master 1.1 a multimedia browser, viewer, image and video editor, Samsung PC Studio 7.2 that synchronizes the data saved in the phone and the data saved in the PC as well as a Networking Wizard that allows you to connect to the Internet using your mobile phone as a modem.

These are only few from many more, but not as many as available for smartphones. The ringtones, MP3, wallpapers and screensavers you can find at website as with the link for Samsung t528g at So there is no other but to wait for some serious apps to be available for USA.

There are a multitude of phones from which you can choose to use with your Straight Talk Wireless cell phone.  See all of them over at the website.  You can right now find pretty stellar deals on Samsung t528g — new or used — since it is an older phone.  The best place to start is at

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