There are two brand new Android smartphones available on Straight Talk’s Unlimited plan, which is one of the best if not THE best in the business.  The first new phone is the LG Optimus Black Android, which comes with the unlimited plan and also has a gorgeous NOVA touch screen, a 5 megapixel camera, and has access to the Android marketplace so you can download any apps that you would like to.  You store them on your phone in the same way you do on an iPhone, on five home screens that you can toggle between.  Get the LG Optimus Black at

lg optimus android cell phone online

The second new Android phone available is the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which is priced extremely affordably and also comes with the unlimited Straight Talk plan.  It’s the first Android for ST to work on the Verizon network, which means that there are now thousands more people who can take advantage of Straight Talk’s android deals by virtue of how large Verizon’s network is.  Learn more and get free shipping on this phone at the official site.

You have to love when prepaid phone companies let you use smart phones with their prepaid plans.  Okay, maybe I’m just a prepaid phone nerd, but since I bought my first prepaid cell phone six years ago, I’ve always hoped for better, higher quality phones to use with my prepaid accounts.  This is becoming a reality now, which puts a smile on my face.  You can now buy Straight Talk Wireless Android phones that run with the incredible Unlimited plan.  Straight Talk is the company I am highlighting here, but there are at least four other ones that have android-powered prepaid phones, like Virgin, Net10, and MetroPCS.  Check them all out and see for yourself.

See both Straight Talk phones at

Samsung Galaxy Precedent

Straight Talk Android Phones: Two Choices for Now

Right now, if you’re looking for a Straight Talk Android phone, you have two choices.  First of all, the reason you may want a Straight Talk prepaid phone is because its plans are two of the best in the business.  The Unlimited plan, at $45, is really not that steep in price when you consider that the phone has no contract and you get to use unlimited talk, text, email, and web browsing, not to mention voice-guided GPS. Your choices are the Samsung Galaxy Precedent (I really like the Galaxy line of phones and you will see many of them on prepaid providers lineups) or the second released Android Straight Talk phone, the LG Optimus Q. The Straight Talk Optimus Q is another phone you might see quite often with prepaid plans although they will be slightly different models on each provider.

See all details at the official Straight Talk website.

Why an Android Prepaid Phone?

For years, prepaid phones have been boring and decidedly low-end.  Now, you can harness the power of the robust Android phone operating system and have a high-powered, multifunctional phone at prepaid prices.  There is no contract to sign and you can switch phones any time you want with no repercussions.  Furthermore, the unlimited Straight Talk plan should give you everything you need in terms of browsing the web, talking on the phone, and sending text messages.  Since you have unlimited data, you will get a lot of use out of your phone.

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