Best Straight Talk Phones

iPhone 5 is probably the best phone Straight Talk has in its prepaid phone arsenal right now.  The only other competitor is Samsung Galaxy S3 at the moment.  iPhone 5 is a top of the line phone with a beautiful screen.  It runs on the unlimited $45 per month plan from Straight Talk with no contract, which goes without saying.  Learn more.

LG Optimus Black is an Android phone (the third one to be released by Straight Talk) with a 5-megapixel camera, a brilliant touch screen, and access to all 250,000 apps in the Android Marketplace.  The best Android Straight Talk has released yet, the Black makes using apps and storing them a breeze with its five home screens the you can easily scroll through to find your stored apps, programs, and menus.  Web browsing is also second nature with the Optimus Black, as you can see in the image below.  Learn more.

lg optimus android cell phone online

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the top selling android phones in recent times.  You can now use this high end beauty known for its amazing touchscreen with Straight Talk’s unlimited plans.  See all details at

LG Optimus Q is an Android smart phone that runs on Android 2.3 and boasts a 3.2 inch touch screen and a 3 mp camera.  It has a text message friendly pull-out keypad which will work nicely with the Unlimited text messages you can send using Straight Talk’s Unlimited plan, which comes with this phone. With no contract locking you into anything and an unlimited plan, the sky’s the limit with this beautiful Android device.  Buy this phone

straight talk android lg qSamsung T404G is a new addition to Straight Talk.  With a 2 megapixel camera and web browsing capability, this phone will give you the functions you need to get through the day.  You can dial phone numbers and text messages from the keypad on the top of the phone, but sliding open the phone reveals a full keypad that will make typing messages and web browsing even easier.  Buy this phone

samsung t404g straight talk phoneSamsung R355C is a Straight Talk phone with the slab-style shape, which basically means it has the shape of a Blackberry style phone.  The screen is a good size and it has a full qwerty keypad on the top of the phone.  You don’t need to slide this phone open or do anything special to get right to web browsing, texting, or calling.  Buy this phone

straight talk samsung r355c phoneSamsung R451C is a solid slider phone that gives you web access, a 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth Wireless capability, and a full slide-out keypad to make web browsing and typing quite a bit easier.  Buy this phone

straight talk r451c

Nokia E71 is a bonafide smart phone with full web browsing, email, and gps voice-guided navigation capabilities.  It works with Straight Talk’s unlimited plan. Buy this phone

nokia e71 straight talk

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  1. Nicole VanHeys says:

    These are all really great phones!

  2. Susan Pavilkey says:

    I got the Nokia E5 yesterday, and so far, the only “web” I can get to is the friggin’ TracFone one, which means a very limited number of sites that all look pretty much like plain text. Am I missing something? I mean, I expect this half-baked internet surfing on one of the cheap Straight Talk phones, but I paid $200 for this thing. Where is the REAL internet? Is there something else I have to download? Help me, please.

  3. Demetris says:

    Can u get the internet on that straight talk Phone?

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