AT&T GoPhone Prepaid Phone Deals This Week

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Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 7.29.56 PMGoPhone is AT&T’s popular prepaid phone plan and one of the oldest ones around. All phones are available with no contract and often at pretty good prices, like the ones you will find on this list below.

ZTE Avail 2 refurbished Android phone $32.99 ($59.99 brand new)

Nokia Lumia 520 refurbished Windows Phone $49.99 (save $30 on this deal)

ZTE Radiant refurbished Android phone $54.99 (save $25 on this deal)

Nokia Lumia 635 LTE Windows Phone $99.99 (solid price on a solid windows phone)

ZTE Z998 refurbished LTE Android phone $99.99 (save $40)

All deals can be had online at the AT&T website.

MetroPCS Prepaid Phone Deals This Week

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Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 11.02.56 AMIt’s tough being a retailer — there’s always competition, customers are fickle, and people like to return things when they don’t work. It’s no different in the prepaid wireless world where there seems to be a new competitor cropping up every week. As a result, companies like MetroPCS are always trying to come up with new promotions to win new customers. Have a look at the top MetroPCS phone deals for this week and see if they win you over into their fold.

See all the details at

Here are the deals…

Alcatel One Touch Evolve Android phone $19 (reg $59)

Alcatel 768 flip phone $19 (reg $49)

Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone $19 (reg $99) (in stores only)

ZTE Concord II Android phone $19 (reg $99) (in stores only)

ZTE Aspect QWERTY candybar $19 (reg $49)

LG Optimus L70 Android phone $49 (reg $149)

Kyocera Hydro Life waterproof Android phone $49 (reg $149)

LG Optimus F6 LTE Android phone $69 (reg $199) (in stores only)

Samsung Galaxy S 4 LTE Android phone $499 (reg $549)

Free Straight Talk Phone Deals Available Now

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straight talk unlimited phone long distanceStraight Talk is well known for its prepaid unlimited plan for $45 per month. The company is also well known for its long running free phone deals. You gotta love that kind of promotion. See the top deals below…

Let’s Start with the Free Ones

Free reconditioned Samsung R375C QWERTY candy bar with purchase of $30 or $45 unlimited refill

Free reconditioned Samsung T528G touchscreen with purchase of $45 unlimited refill

Now for the Reconditioned Deals — Some Good Ones Here

Reconditioned Samsung Galaxy Centura (Verizon) Android phone $19.99 (save $80)

reconditioned ZTE Midnight (T-Mobile) Android phone $29.99 (save $30)

Now to the High End Phones

Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon) Android phone $299.99 (save $100)

Apple iPhone 5 16 GB (Verizon) Android phone $400.00 (save $150)

See the deals at the official site!

Hot New Tracfone Prepaid Phone Deal –> Get triple minutes for life from Tracfone today with the purchase of one of the first androids to come out on this brand! See all the current phones that come free with this offer at

tracfone touchscreenBelow you will find the latest Tracfone phone deals. All of these deals are available at Many of the phones come with double minutes for life, which is a good way to save money on your prepaid cell phone purchase.

See all of these deals in full detail at

Free reconditioned LG 401G flip phone or DMFL Samsung T301G with purchase of a $19.99 60 Minute card.

LG 500G double minutes for life QWERTY candy bar $19.99 (reg $29.99).

LG 800G triple minutes for life touchscreen phone with free $10 gift card $49.99

Samsung T404G triple minutes for life QWERTY slider with free $10 gift card $59.99

Samsung R355C Samsung R355C triple minutes for life QWERTY slider with free $10 gift card $59.99 – Definitely check this deal out — click here!


LG505C touchscreen TMFL Qwerty slider with free $10 gift card $89.99

Free case, car charger and handsfree headset headset with the $19.99 DMFL Samsung T301G slider.

See also the current Straight Talk android promotion for the Optimus Black phone, which as far as I’m concerned is the best phone available from this company today.

by the way, iPhone 5 (16 gb) is on sale right now at the official site. Great deal, great phone.

Straight Talk just released another brand new amazing phone — this time it’s probably one you’ve heard of. The iPhone 5 is now available with the amazing prepaid plan from Straight Talk. Learn more about this phone in the video above to see how it actually operates and then see more at the official site.

*Also, if you’re planning to spend some significant money on your phone, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy SII, which is now available on Straight Talk Wireless.  It’s a really nice phone with an amazing screen.

iPhone 5s and 5c have now been added for use on the unlimited plan cycles.  This is pretty cool — and you can also find nice deals on used iPhone 4 from Straight Talk.  If you’ve been wanting an iPhone but can’t afford $90 per month, check out Straight Talk’s deals at the official website.

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The best phone so far to be available with Straight Talk Wireless is the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.  See all of these phones at the official website.

Nokia E71 and 6790 are both back in the Straight Talk Wireless lineup after a brief absence. These two phones have been perennial hot phones for ST and were in fact the first two smartphones available with the popular unlimited $45 per month plan. See all details at the official website.

free straight talk ringtonesNew Phone Update: The latest phone addition to the Straight Talk lineup is the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim–which is the first Straight Talk phone to run on the Verizon network through Straight Talk.  This is big news because it’s the first prepaid Android with an unlimited plan that many people will be able to use.  Buy this phone online and get free overnight shipping from the official website.

The Nokia E71 is back and with a brand new low price.  Currently, you can get Straight Talk’s Nokia E71 3G smartphone for only $49!  For a brand new phone!  This isn’t one of those deals where the phone is used and busted up.  This is for a brand new phone that runs on the famous Unlimited plan.  Get this deal at

Nokia Smartphones are Back

The Straight Talk Nokia 6790 and Nokia E71 are both back in the Straight Talk lineup after a brief absence.  You can see them online at (if they are available in your area, which they should be since there are only certain areas they are unavailable).  Both of these phones run on the Unlimited $45 prepaid Straight Talk plan, which is one of the top unlimited plans in the business.  Owned by TracFone and running on Verizon’s network in parts of the country, Straight Talk has garnered a solid reputation with consumers and critics alike.

If I was going to choose one of these phones today, I think I would go with the Nokia E71 since I like the style of the phone and I prefer slab-style phones to slider phones, but it seems that most people prefer the 6790.  It’s your choice!

Nokia 6790

straight talk nokia 6790 phone

Nokia E71

straight talk nokia e71New Android Phone

If you’re interested in a prepaid android phone, the LG Optimus Black (which was recently released by Straight Talk) has just what you need.  It’s the best phone to come to ST yet.  Of course it runs on the unlimited plan and give you unlimited talk, text, web, and 411 calls in addition to all the cool things Android Marketplace has to offer.

lg optimus black android straight talk phoneLG-Optimus-Black_14lg optimus black android phone straight talklg optimus android cell phone onlineStraight Talk Samsung t528


Straight Talk just released the BlackBerry Curve onto its prepaid unlimited plan.  If you’re more into the android phones, then take a look at the brand new Showtime, a hot new android smartphone.  There’s also a brand new phone out from ST Wireless right now–it’s the iPhone 5 (and the iPhone 4s by the way).  This is huge news!!!  See all details at

lg optimus android cell phone onlineMan, we’ve come a long way.  It seems like yesterday that Straight Talk released its very first Android smart phone for its prepaid unlimited plan.  Then it released a second one and now a third.  The third and newest Straight Talk Android phone is known as LG Optimus Black (you can see it to the left there).  It’s got an amazing screen with gorgeous color, it has a very nice two camera set up (one on each side of the phone so you can take snaps and video and also have the convenience of video chatting).

Check for availability of this phone in your area

The phone is one of my top prepaid phone selections for price and the fact that it’s a no-contract phone with an unlimited plan.  ST has a very strong unlimited plan, which is partly the reason these Android phones work so well.  If they did not have an unlimited plan, they would not be as efficient.  Web browsing is very easy with this phone.  But enough from me.  Learn more at

The “G” Button is kind of a cool button on the LG Optimus Black.  The way it works is you hold the button down to zoom in on a webpage.  You can also pan down on a given webpage when you move the phone in a certain direction.  If you tilt it up, the page will scroll downward, which is pretty cool for reading.

LG Optimus Q and Samsung Precedent

The newest Straight Talk Android phone, which is the second one made available by this company, is now available for purchase on the official ST website and is now shipping to customers.  For a while, the Straight Talk LG Optimus Q was in pre-order mode, with the phone not available.  Now, if you go to the website, you will see both the Samsung Precedent Android and the LG Optimus Q Android on the sales page (and now LG Optimus Black).  They will be shipped to you for free!  You don’t have to pay anything extra to get your phone sent to you, which is a nice little perk.  Get your Android Straight Talk phone at

lg optimus black android phone straight talk

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim

The newest Straight Talk phone release is the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, which is the first Verizon powered phone to be released under the Straight Talk TracFone banner.  At $179 for this prepaid Android on an unlimited plan, you have a serious deal going on.  Keep in mind that the phone is powered by the huge Verizon network across the country.

Did you know that you can now use and iPhone with your Straight Talk plan.  All you need to do is buy the appropriate simcard that works with an unlocked iphone.  It’s easy and practical, but you might prefer one of the Android phones listed above.

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Straight Talk Android

Straight Talk Nokia 6790

free straight talk ringtonesSamsung T528gstraight talk nokia e5 profile picture

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Hublot Watch Deals: Save 40%

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See the watch deal of the day at  Today’s deal has a savings of 89%.  It’s a different deal every day, so check back often!  Hublot watch deals are particularly hard to come by because these are some of the most elite watches in the business.

Hublot watches are pretty amazing watches.  From businessmen to rap mogul Jay-Z, Hublot (“I got two of those” – Jay-Z) makes some of the world’s premiere watches.  If you have a Hublot watch on your wrist, well then, you have good taste.  Hublot are finely crafted and often quite gorgeous.

Here are some amazing deals on Hublot watches at JomaShop.

Hublot Big Bang Black Dial Automatic Black Alligator Mens Watch 365.SX.1170.LR  Learn more

Hublot Classic Fusion Black Dial Mens Watch 565.CM.1110.RX Learn more

Hublot Classic Fusion Black Carbon Fiber Dial Automatic Black Rubber Mens Watch 542.CM.1770.RX Learn more

Hublot Big Bang Caviar Black Ceramic Mens Watch 346CX1800BR

Hublot Big Bang Automatic Black Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch 365.SX.1170.SX.1104 Learn more

Hublot Big Bang Chronograph Mens Watch 342SE230RW114

Hublot Big Bang King Carbon Fiber Mens Watch 322CM1770RX

Hublot Big Bang Black Magic Mens Watch 301.CX.130.RX

Hublot Big Bang All Black Green Mens Watch 322CI1190GRABG11 Learn more

Hublot Big Bang Mens Watch 301.PB.131.RX Learn more

Hublot Big Bang Evolution Mens Watch 301.PM.1780.RX Learn more

See all current Hublot watch deals online here.

These are some pretty amazing watch deals on one of the most luxurious watch brands in the World.  Just ask Jay-Z, Usher, and Justin Timberlake, who all rock Hublot watches.  These are some dope watches.

Save on Movado Watches

Save up to 70% on Movado watches.  This deal applies to both his and hers Movado watches.  See the Movado selections at


Movado Series 800 Black Dial Chronograph Mens Watch 2600076 Movado Series 800 Black Dial Chronograph Mens Watch 2600076Stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. Unidirectional stainless steel bezel. Black dial with luminous hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Date display appears at the 4 o’clock position. Chronograph – three sub
 has an excellent selection of Movado Watches both for him and her. Save up to 70% on Movado watches at


Movado Series 800 Black Dial Chronograph Mens Watch 2600076 Movado Series 800 Black Dial Chronograph Mens Watch 2600076Stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. Unidirectional stainless steel bezel. Black dial with luminous hands and index hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Date display appears at the 4 o’clock position. Chronograph – three sub

See all current Hublot watch deals!

See one current Victorinox watch deal!

Save money on incredibly watches at Jomashop today — this is one of the best ways to save money on timepieces online. Buy confidenly from Joma. See some of the watches they have on sale here.